Silent Retreat with Pir Zia Inayat Khan and Aziza Scott
Abode of the Message, July 14-18, 2010

These photos were taken at a four day workshop/retreat, which is described further at the event's page on our main website.

At the request of the event's lead organizer, I took no photos with people in them during the retreat itself, only before the first session and after the final meal. During the retreat I took photos of only the grounds and structures. Also, because the participants didn't explicitly give permission in advance to be photographed, I only took photos in which people are turned away from the camera or are too far away to be recognized. I mention this in case you are wondering why I appear not to like to take pictures of people (I do, but the circumstances were special), or why I was taking photos at all (I obtained permission in advance). My thanks go to all the organizers, presenters and participants of this excellent event!

Because there are many photos, I have divided them into four separate pages. This first page shows photos from the Abode Main Campus. Other pages are from the Mountain Camp retreat center facilities, from the woods around the Mountain Camp where the mountain top housing is located, and from the Sanctuary grounds also on the mountain top.

Photos from the Abode Main Campus

Abode of the Message welcome sign at the entrance to the Main Campus Some edited road signs near the Main Campus entrance.


Rezak building, where the Library and Dining Hall are located, as seen from the road. Abode Road One, from the main road looking toward the Vakil building, where the Programs Office is located.


The Abode Programs Office entrance, in the Vakil building. The Meditation Hall, which also has some housing on the upper floor.


The back of Rezak, where the main entrance door is found. The Barn.


The Library, on the second floor of Rezak. A spray of tiger lilies, along the main road.


The Herb Garden, across from Rezak.. The Greenhouse.


The Maintenance Shed.

More photos (Mountain Camp Center)...